John F. Lindquist was born in Stockholm 1984 and already as a young boy he attended theater classes and made short films with his friends and family.

As a teenager he became visually interested and started with photography and painting, which led him to study Art and Form at Jakobsbergs upper secondary school. It was during his time there he started shooting and editing short films for real, with acting and music students close at hand. (Among them friend and artist Simon Stålenhag, who collaborated on all of John’s first 13 films that he directed.) After that John studied the next two years at Stockholm Film school. There he got the chance to edit real celluloid film on a Steenbeck flatbed, which made him learn to be precise about where to make the cuts.

2006 John studied Scriptwriting at New York Film Academy to further understand how to tell stories well. It was a learning experience to live and study in New York. During that period he got the chance to help out for a few days on the set of his idol Michael Haneke’s film Funny Games (filmed in Steiner Studios). That experience is something that will stay with John for the rest of his life.

John has directed and edited several music videos for different artists, among them Olle Ljungström, for his song “A poisoned Man” in which actor Michael Nyqvist appeared.

John has also worked on different film sets and assembled other experiences of film making, among them he was working as an prop-assistant on The Girl who Played with Fire and The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest on which he also filmed and edited all the 94 minutes of the behind the scenes material.

Apart from working on film John has worked in several video stores and on a psychiatric ward, where he had the experience of observing several extreme paths of life.

The latest years John has kept editing and directing short films that have been in competition in film festivals all over the world, and he has written screenplays for both feature films and television yet to be produced.

Presently John is working as an Editor at Lillasyster produktion.